Create a Vision and an Action Plan

By the end of the program you will revisit your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the fundamental vision of your life. You will gain a deep understanding of what truly motivates you and the ability to turn it into an action plan.

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What people are saying about the Walking Mentorship


Aida Chamiça

Walking Mentorship is an innovative and very successful concept. I loved each of the programs I did with João Perre Viana. They are very beautiful walks with interesting people. João alternates between individual mentoring, group mentoring, and peer mentoring, with spaces for reflection and integration. This dynamic takes place during the walk itself, making this experience absolutely magical. I'll keep walking with you, João!

Partner at NGRS

Natalia Domashenko

The Walking Mentorship was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The route in the Camino of Santiago was for me as a walk into my inner child. To my dreams I was afraid of, to my values I was rejecting. Step by step I made myself whole and complete. At the end of our journey, I felt a reconnection to my internal source of unconditional joy, happiness, and love.

President at Family Business Network Ukraine

Vladislav Burda

It's difficult to find a program more physically and intellectually intense. It looks like walking, but in the end, it's thinking and crystallizing the best ideas which you have in your head. The venues are fantastic, you will find new friends and a fantastic Mentor, with whom spend a week is a real treasure.

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Marcos Segador

Walking Mentorship has the beauty of simple things. A perfect program where an experience profile as Joao can apply all the know-how he collected in multiple assignments he overcame both personal and professionally and at the same time, accessible in a format that brings us back to basics. An exercise we should all do at least once in life.


Anastasia Tumanova

Great paradigm shift experience! For me Joao's program was the best way to slow down, not to burn out, recognize and accept my nature, experience digital detox, synchronize my mind, and my heart. It was a perfect approach to look at my life and myself from another perspective! I wish you all dare to show up and join Walking Mentorship!


Henriqueta Loureiro

One day I heard an interview in which João explained why he created the Walking Mentorship, and I immediately thought that it was what I wanted. It was much more than walking. It is also thinking, reliving, going back to the past, imagining the future, and another date of sensations that I can not explain. I have lived the most rewarding experience of my life, which I know will help me to grow in the coming times; It is a seed that is planted in us and grows over time.

Walking Mentorship

Slow down with mentoring support in a trustworthy space where you can focus, clear your mind and gain perspective. You can join our programs, online, individually or with your corporation.