Destination You - How to explore your Future?

An online Mentoring tool to help you build an action plan towards your ideal future, setting the course for the best version of yourself.

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Choose what best suits you. We have special conditions for unemployed and under 30's. Or you can chose to pay in kindness and hold the possibility of a different scale of value! Just fill in your Kindepay Coin coupon in the check out page for a 100% discount.

A personal compass towards the best version of yourself

Slow down + Reconnect + Gain perspective + Take action


What people are saying about the Walking Mentorship


Natalia Tolkacheva

Walking mentorship is a unique program that helps to harmonize your feelings, body, and mind. It’s a time that you can dedicate only for yourself to create your life strategy. Joao will gently guide and inspire you to pass your way, return to your roots, and finally make a step to the better version of yourself. If you are on the crossroad in your life, Joao's walking mentorship program is the right decision.

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João Godinho

Walking Mentorship is the most amazing way of personal and professional development that I experienced. Every detail, every path, every moment is to be assimilated and enjoyed. All will have meaning and impact on the final result. Get ready, prepare yourself, and go.

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Ana Sena

The Walking Mentorship was a great achievement for me. I had the privilege of doing the program with João that helped me to reconnect with life. A week of self-recognition, tranquility, and connection with nature. I recommend the walking mentorship program to anyone who wants to find a better version of themselves. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

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Walking Mentorship stands on three pillars: Mentoring, Walking and Nature