About the book

  • +400 pages

    The book is divided into seven chapters where you will learn the fundamentals of the Walking Mentorship. Coloured with more than 150 pictures and endless stories from our programs.

  • Exclusive Exercises

    First, you need to go outside, dress accordingly, put on some comfortable shoes or go barefoot if you prefer, and look for a beautiful place. After that, you just need to start walking.

  • Camino Guide

    Practice the Walking Mentorship on your own on the Camino de Santiago. I will share the places to stay, the people to visit, etc. It will help you enjoy this experience to the fullest.


Galeo Saintz

Founding Chair, World Trails Network

“So many of us focus on the distance, and forget the first step, or that the journey is not the destination but the way there. João has written an immensely inspiring and beautiful book. An account of the power of walking, nature and mentorship, that when combined bring us back to our humanity, a humanity I believe trails have a unique capacity to unlock. The 8 step process and 5 principles shared, are the literal ’survival kit’ for all of us dealing with the demands of the 21st century and a life lived at hyper-speed. João reminds us, that to begin to live a transformed life of meaning, purpose and connection, requires slowing down and beginning at 0,00km. Enjoy this great read and more importantly take the lessons shared to heart. This book will transform your life and change how you think about walking forever.”

Jake Haupert

CoFounder, The Transformational Travel Council

"With many of us disoriented and disconnected from what matters most, this transformative travel companion offers a literal 'step by step' guide to reigniting your inner fire and unearthing new connection, meaning, and purpose."

Jane Murray

Founder, CEO Peacebeam

It sounds unlikely but this book is every possible aspect of the walker/writer genre in one beautifully seamless contemplation. Personal, anecdotal, psychogeographic, psychological, physiological and spiritual understandings and stories weave around the profoundly practical, deeply kind and grounded guidance of somebody with 1000s of kilometres and 1000s of insights and a deep generosity of spirit. For those on a long walk, travelling light, this is the only book you will need.

Dan Rubinstein

Author, Born To Walk

João Perre Viana loves to walk, but more importantly, he understands that this very simple act has the power to change individuals and change the world. Don't Count The Kilometres is a beautiful book, full of inspiring stories, lessons and pictures. It may take you a while to finish reading the book because every page will (re)awaken a desire to get on your feet and start moving. That's OK, because as João writes, "if we stop walking, we stop learning."

Jenniffer Walsh

Author, Walk Your Way Calm

This book is delightful in so many ways. The learnings, the moments, and the photographs are all wonderful and weave in great ways to explore our world and even ourselves just by taking steps outdoors. Joao beautifully invites us into his world and shines a light on the beauty of discovery and curiosity. This exploration allows us to truly open our eyes to the beauty of the world around us, even in its most minute form. I loved seeing all of the people along the way in this book and so many wonderful stories. It is an encouragement to anyone to take that first step forward in nature.

Shannon Stowell

CEO Adventure Travel Trade Association

Walk with me... An invitation into a journey with João Perre Viana will be one of the most meaningful reads you commit your eyes, mind and soul to. I read with increasing delight about the wonderful intertwining of relationship building with friends, family, strangers and the land all while walking. A beautiful combination of instruction, inspiration and human stories, this book has the ability to change your life if you'll simply slow down, walk and let it all in.

Miriam Lopez

Founder, Clickamino

Some dots can only be connected after walking thousands of kilometres. But there are still a few which will only show to a privileged look: those dots by which we are all joined together. Thank you, João, for shedding light on the way in such uncertain times. May this essential guide to our inner self take us, step by step, as far as we need to meet ourselves again. We absolutely need it.

David Clutterbuck


I've long been a fan of walking coaching and mentoring, so it was with great pleasure that I read Joao Perre Viana's book "Don't count the kilometres; make the kilometres count". Multiple stories, tools and techniques -- a very engaging read.

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Author of Shorter and Rest

“Solvitur ambulando“— it is solved by walking— is ancient Greek philosophy’s most important and under appreciated insight. In this book, Walking Mentorship creator Joao Viana explains why walking calms the mind, engages the senses, and creates room for self-examination and a clearer direction for your life. Thoughtful, often funny, and always practical, let Don’t count the kilometres, make the kilometres count help you “redesign your life one step at a time.”

About the Author

Founder of Walking Mentorship

João Perre Viana

Portuguese, a lawyer that turned into a manager that turned into a mentor. Father of 3, brother of 2 and friend of a few. João considers himself a citizen of the world, as he was born in Portugal, finished high school in the U.S., and completed his MBA in Belgium. His first senior management appointment took him to Central Asia (Kazakhstan), then to Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and finally to Africa (Angola). Throughout his personal and professional life, he has acquired extensive experience as a business mentor in multinationals, accelerators, incubators, and corporate programmes. In 2015, he launched the Walking Mentorship, an innovative project 20 years in the making. Walking Mentorship consists of a philosophy of self-development with a methodology based on different mentoring formats, connecting walking, and direct contact with nature. He is an advisory board member in different organizations. A guest lecturer at EADA in Spain, Lviv Business School in Ukraine, and Católica Porto Business School in Portugal. João is a member of the Transformational Travel Council, Connections the international private community for senior executives, the International Network of Mentoring Researchers, a European Mentoring & Coaching Council member, and an Associate of the International Mentor Network. Bringing 15+ years of mentoring experience at the international level, João has a strong focus on Change Management, Business Transformation, and Personal Development.